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I was another great second date with this girl who I have really hit it off with. all the connections mind face body everything. I know she is feeling the same way. So for our second date we went rock climbing and then went a rather casual Sushi bar. We are eating dinner and somehow the subject of dating came up and come to find out I am one of three guys she is dating?! Should I be weirded out by this? Is this normal behavior? or is it just what I get for internet dating? What should I do? If it makes me uncomfortable should I just ask her to give me a call when she is done with her 3 ring circus? I have never dated a serial dater before! I


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  • Lol yes, it's very normal. For guys and girls. *Especially* when you date online. I mean why not? You don't know hardly anything about a person on the first few dates. Why throw all of your other potential soulmates out the window simply because one guy/girl asked first? What if things don't work out and the person you rejected never wants to go out with you again? In my opinion, there's a reason why you have the "talk" about exclusivity where you become an official couple. You're exclusive after the talk, not before. Why pledge monogamy to a virtual stranger?

    When I'm dating someone, I assume he's seeing other people until we have the talk. Sometimes I'm seeing other people, and sometimes I'm not. The only difference with this scenario is that I never discuss that with the person I'm dating. I don't ask if he's seeing other people, and I don't volunteer that information either. I do this because even though I know that dating multiple people before you're exclusive is smart and the best way to find a good match, I still know that no one wants to hear about it. I definitely don't wanna hear about it. It creates unnecessary jealousy.

  • Well I am a serial dater. I keep 4 men on rotation at all times. The only times I have stopped to date one guy is if he continues to be my cool male friend that I can hang out with and talk to (with him having NO concern regarding who I am dating) until I no longer want to date anyone else. Think of it from your side if a girl on your 2nd date told you not to date other women? The other trick women use is to tell you that they are dating, we will even make up fake names to make you believe other men want us. You need to play it cool, continue to hang out and talk to this girl as if you are interested. SAY NOTHING ABOUT THE OTHER MEN SHE IS DATING (doesnt mean she is sleeping with them, usually not the case and if so we usually just pick one not all of them). You have to act like it doesn't bother you since it is just the beginning. If you ask or stress these other men it turns someone like me off more. Then a month or so from now of CONSISTENTLY doing what you are suppossed to in courting her then pull back from her and she will chase you when the phone calls slow down or stop and then you can tell her that you didn't feel like she was that into you, she will tell you the truth on if she is or not and then your real relationship begins. hey they don't call it the dating game for nothing. Oh and biggest suggestion is that you date other people too and if she asks then say yeah I date here or there but no one that really captured my interest.

    • Are the girl I am dating? lol! serial dater or just really hungry? jk :P That's what I was thinking. I haven't asked her out again yet even though I am pretty sure she is waiting for me to. I think this weekend I am going to play it cool and pretend like I have a date and go from there. She has told me about the other guys. I never led on that it was kinda weird to me, I am good like that.

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    • So we talked on the phone for almost two hours again last night. The subject of daing other people never came up but there was one point that we talked about just being friends and going form there, that way there is no pressure. Thank you for the insight on the whole serial dater world. I think it is starting to sound like fun and I will definitely be giving it a try; the only problem I'm going to have is to keep them all straight!lol

    • oh that's easy. Pick a name that usually is a name of a hot girl and only date girls with that name lmao. I'm kidding ! With this girl you have to think about what most men want because that is how she is (or is trying to be) so most men want a fun, no pressure friendship so you need to be a fun no pressure fake boyfriend lol. Meaning do the things a boyfriend would like I said for a month and if she doesn't reciprocate then stop.

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