Should I even bother with this guy?

okay... I know sometimes we are busy and we forget things but how about when someone forgets to meet up the same day you made plans to hang out?

well the story goes, I met this guy last Thursday and I contacted the guy to talk and hang out. On a Tuesday night, without having anything to do... he and I made plans to hang out later on during the night. When that time came around, there was no text or call. I texted him asking if we were still going to hang out. But no answer.

The next day, I get a text from him saying he was watching TV and "fell asleep"... which I have to say it was a lie cause he told me that he was at his friends house chilling and that was around 8 and we were gonna meet up at 10 and we texted until a little before 9 and he happens to "fall asleep"? And today he texted saying "did I crew it up the other day?... "

So my question is do I respond to his text or do I not? And if I did respond to his text, would he get the wrong idea?

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  • He's a damn liar, but if I were in your shoes, I'd give him ONE more chance. If he screws up again, kick is flakey ass to the curb. You don't need someone that's going to pull stunts like that...especially so early on! That would make me so depressed and angry all at once. Let him know he screwed up. Don't play it off; otherwise, he'll know he can do it again with no consequence.

    Stay strong, girl! Keep us posted :-)

    • yes thank you! I totally agree with you! I don't think I want to really bother with this guy really though... I feel its gonna be a waste of my time... honestly... eh... :)

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  • yes you should respond to his have no reason to not believe him and if he did do anything he wouldn't be texting you asking if he screwed up...give the guy a chance

  • i would totally respond. like maybe he really did fall asleep(I always try to look on the bright side) just give the guy a shot. if he didn't even like you a little bit he wouldn't be asking if he screwed up

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