Preparing to Date Again...Any Suggestions?

I'm 90% sure I want to go find myself a special someone, but I'm struggling with pushing past the last 10% of nervousness/doubt.

How can I psych myself up to go back out into the deep end of the dating pool? The shallow end is getting boring, but I can't bring myself to cross the water. Any suggestions?

Also: LOL at my metaphor. XD


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  • You want me to break you in? :D

    • I just noticed but only older guys would be willing to help out. Just wondering how you are doing. ;)

    • lol, I screwed it up. D=

      I don't know what I did, but he stopped replying to me via anything after a week. I kept up occasional inquiries (once every 3 or so days, "Hey, how's life?" type of contact) but after the second week I got the message. Now it's been two months and I have given up. *sigh* It's like this every time. I wish I could send them an "end of dating me" survey asking why. >_>

    • They say you find love when you aren't looking for it. Forget about dating for a little bit and do something you love. Rock climbing, biking, stuff that is with groups or can be shared by others. A movie club or book club. You will find someone who loves the same thing you do and you have something to talk about so you won't be nervous. Try meetup . com where like minded people get together. While it's nice to let a guy you are interested, you should know he's interested in you as well. :)

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  • Just get out there! Just try to leave the baggage at the door. and if it doest work out with Kermit my number is 555-1202


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  • Tell yourself you're not nervous, just excited.