How do you stop obsessing over someone you aren't dating?

I'm not dating this guy but he's acted really interested in me. At first I wasn't into him but slowly I've become obsessed. I always want to go to the place he works and order food because its the only place I ever talk or see him. I got his number yesterday but his phone is disconnected so I haven't been able to talk to him yet. I know he doesn't know I've gotten addicted or obsessed with him but I feel like I can't stop obsessing until I really get somewhere with him


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  • You have to be careful, obsession can definitely scare anybody off and in my opinion, it doesn't lead to anywhere. He will certainly notice you, when you start to hang around in that place a lot, where he works.

    I think you shouldn't call him, but should meet him from face to face and just try to communicate with him freely, without any tension. And you shouldn't visit his workplace often.

    So next time, when you go there to eat, just talk with him, a be a bit flirty, friendly and then you will know, if there might be a chance for a friendship/"hello" friendship ..

    • He knows I used to hang out there before I was interested it was me and my friends hang out and that was kinda our joke which got us to talking but I feel like there's a fine line between hanging out at a place a lot and being obvious and creepy about it being for him you know?

    • I know what you mean..

      but then I think maybe you should text or call him!? but of course it would be better, if he could text or call you..

    • I would that's why I got his number but I made it seem like I wanted it in a friendship type way. and his phones disconnected so I can't until it gets connected again

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  • Either start dating them or get something else to obsess about.

  • If you feel this strongly about him go to were he works and try to talk to him. I'm assuming he works in a restaurant, so it should be a little easy. If you really want to stop obsessing, let him know you like him.