Female friend has started asking me for a kiss goodbye after we meet for lunch?

Hi everyone, I'm just wanting a bit of advice on this...I'm friends with this girl in work. We've known each other for around 6 years but have only been friends for 2. We like to take some lunch breaks together when we can which works out at being about twice a month. Our goodbyes would always be non-physical, then just before Christmas I initiated a hug-goodbye (as it was so cold)! Then the last couple of times we met, she has asked me for a kiss just before we part. The last time we kissed we were in my car! Does she want more than a kiss? Is she into me in any way and am I right to kiss her on the cheek or lips? She is an attractive girl with a live-in boyfriend (who she rarely sees due to work). As far as I know she doesn't do lunch with any other men in work or is touchy-feely with them.


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  • It's hard to say.

    Has she mentioned anything about her relationship with her boyfriend? If you think she may be into you I'd ask her about that, how things are between them and if her response is negative that may a clue she likes you.

    If not, then I'd just say she's being friendly. With you initiating the hug she may feel she can be more intimate with you but in a friendly way so I wouldn't read any more into it.


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