Should I just text him and say ' I don't want to play games'

he's hot and cold. didn't answer my last text, but texted me first after our date. should I just text him and say 'just tell me if you want to see me again, don't want to play games" or is that crazy?


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  • I would def text him maybe word it different like .. "would you like to spend more time togeather an move forward or shall we part ways on good terms, no games involved"


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  • Don't think too much about what's going on his mind because guys can act really bizzare. There could be nthn & he's just busy ..he could lost interest...anything. What you have to do is completly ignore and never text/call. If he got in contact once more then it was really nthn..if he didn't you know what that means. & you don't look like you're clingy or won't look like you chased him or cool my dear :)

    • i so agree with you and I would like for you to answer my question please need advise ?

    • You're asking me? Sure, link it :)