Why do guys in relationships go on online dating sites?

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year. He has told me he is lucky to have me and that I am the best girlfriend he has ever had. Spend Christmas with his family, have the key to his place, and pretty much live at his place. We have had talks about the future and how we see one another in it.

I just found out he still checks his online dating site he was one before we got together. Why do guys this? and what would you do if you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend was still looking at an online dating site?


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  • did you guys meet online?

    he might be looking for a ego boast or something

    is he talking to any of the girls

    • No we did not meet online. And he does not have a subscribtion so he cannot e-mail anyone through the site.

    • but they can contact him right? he's probably just looking for something to make him feel attractive

    • I am not really sure how it all works. I think girls can contact, express interest in him but he cannot respond unless he has a subscription.