When to text and what to say after getting her digits?

OK, didn't find a similar question on here. Well, the hard part is over, I got the pretty gals phone number after chatting with her at my university. Now what? Last time I got a number I texted the girl the next day and never heard from her so I'm unsure what to do. The new girl seemed enthusiastic about giving me her cell. Should I text or call? And when? and what would be a good thing to say? Ladies, what has worked on you? And guys, what has worked for successfully seeing the girl again? Thanks.

No returned call. I waited about 3 days (weekend) and got her voicemail so I know it was actually her number. I left her voicemail and was proud that I did a decent job. But yea, I was so disapointed and confused. She even gave me her last name, odd.


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  • I've had pretty decent success with just texting, but it depends on the girl. Some women just aren't into texting and will ignore texts...

    I prefer texting because it's a slower game, and I'm less likely to screw it up. BUT the call is more powerful.

    Just remember this... what ever fun energy she had with you when you got her number will be gone by the time you call or text her, so it's YOUR job to reacquire that fun vibe before lining up the first date.


    1) Flirt, tell a funny story about something that happened to you, etc. Bring back the vibe of "this guy is so fun" to help remind her body that you're awesome.

    2) Prepare. While most guys call and hope for the best (that doesn't always work) I suggest being slightly prepared. Even if you have to sit down and write down some main speaking points it'll pay if you're prepared.

    3) Don't waste time chatting. Make the intro fun and quick, then get to the point... and use a "time constraint." Something like, "I have to run in a minute but..." which lets her know that you're not looking to talk her ear off, AND it helps you get to the point.

    4) Invite her to join you somewhere (for food, or shopping, or sports, etc) instead of "asking her out." Girls are FAR more likely to say YES when you ask them to join you, instead of saying something that's FAR too committal like, "Will you go on a date with me?"

    I suggest something like, "I'm dying to check out this new steak place downtown, are you free for dinner Wednesday night around 6? I can either pick you up or meet you there."

    5) If you're just texting then remind her how fun you are by being playful and flirty... like, "Hey, I got home last night feeling so happy with myself when I got your number, but when I looked in the mirror I laughed at how funny my hair looks... do you have no standards? hehe"

    Or reference something funny from your conversation, like, "Hey, you're right about my hands... I asked my sister and she says they really ARE tiny!"

    Or send her a funny/cute animal photo of your cat, followed by, "Whiskers thinks you have no standards for giving a guy like me your number! But I think she's just jealous..."

    Or something silly.

    Just don't open with, "Hey, thanks for the number, wanna eat something with my face watching you?"

    I hope this helps...

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

    • Yea it does, thanks! I think I'll definitely think of something to say that shows I'm fun. Kinda how I got her number in the first place.

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  • When you got her number did you say anything about calling vs. texting? If you said something like "i'll call you" or anything about calling, do that instead of texting. However, I've never really met anyone who was offended about being texted rather than called. Texting is casual and there is a lot less pressure to respond right away. That might be the way to go with a girl you only met the one time.

  • whenever a guy gets my number, they ALWAYS seem to follow the three day rule. I think it's hilarious, but cute.

    give her a call. if she was enthusiastic about giving you her number, then she'll be happily surprised by a phonecall from you

    my best friend gave her number to a guy last weekend, and they began texting and he told her to pick a day and he'd pick an activity. and she chose Thursday and he chose breakfast. everyone likes breakfast food. he earned himself some points.

  • aww sorry to hear that. next time you might want to call the next day and ask her out for something casual like coffee.

    • Thanks for the reply. Have a girlfriend now though. :) Maybe you could answer my new question?

    • hahaha, apparently I'm just very late with my ans lol

  • Call her! I'm so much more impressed by a guy that calls me. It takes courage and shows me he's got balls instead of hiding behind a text.

    Maybe have a few opening lines prepared but then just enjoy the conversation.


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  • no texting, call and make a date, avoid talking too long on the phone

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