What does it mean when a boy stops texting you?

so I was talking to this boy, lets call him Bob and we liked each other and we hung out a couple times but we were best friends so our feelings didn't really exceed friends. So this kid that was a friend of mine, lets call him Joe was really nice to me and I started to have feelings for him so I told Bob and he got really mad and he didn't talk to me. But I was happy with Joe and we hung out and we knew we both had feelings for each other and we did stuff for Valentine's day, but about 4 days after he stopped texting me and was rude to me at school and I don't know what I did. My friend said it was because of Bob but I still don't know what happened and now we don't talk at all. What did I do wrong?


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  • you move on. it seems like neither guy really likes you all that much. find the right one for you