She sidestepped the question. What is going on with her?

OK so this girl and I exchanged numbers and she said she wanted to hang out when we did. so I texted her the next morning and we talked and when I asked her about hanging out she sidestepped the question. now she's not really texting me. so first she wants to hang out and now?...what?


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  • Meh, she's doing the same thing that lots of girls do.

    A guy declares his interest for her, and then she flocks away for the possibility of many reasons:

    --doesn't believe she's good enough, ill-confident

    --not seeking a relationship because maybe she already has a boyfriend

    --is not comfortable with you because she doesn't know you well enough yet

    --has too much stuff going on, busy with school/work

    --was just being friendly to you, has no intentions of hanging out

    --is extremely shy about your advances

    Hey, who knows. But what you can do is stay direct, and give her a CALL sometime. Ask her out on a date and schedule it. If she doesn't want to, say it's fine. From here-on out, you'll call her from time to time to say hello and get to know her. And her attraction will pick up.

    • You're correct in the plethora of answers that you've provided. It's just infinite as to what it can be.

      I still like how there's ZERO female answers on this.

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  • Well, the same applies for you guys? Think about you guys behave then you'll know the 2 possible answers...


    You've chase her, then when you think that was too easy you want another challenge, with the feeling of "work done" you just start another one.It's PROBABLY the same thing that's happening here...


    Well, self explanatory...

    • okay but we've only talked for a day or so. how could she have lost interest in a mere day

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  • It'd be awesome if we can get an answer out of this. I'm in a similar situation where it's like limbo time.

    I'd also be surprised to get an answer to this, it seems to be a woman secret that women might not even know.

    • i know right? one minute they wanna talk to you and get to know you, the next you can't tell whether to talk to them, not talk to them, make a move, etc.

      keep checking back man I hope to get this answered soon!