Is it possible to actually have a relationship with someone you met on Tinder?

I downloaded Tinder for the first to time to casually date since I had just ended a long term relationship and wanted to explore a bit. Anyways, I attend a university an hour away from my family's home. While I was in town visiting I matched with a guy and made it clear I wasn't looking for a relationship. I let him know that finals were coming up but I would be in town over the summer and we could meet up then.
I only had the app for three weeks before I realized Tinder is trash and deleted it. I never contacted him once summer quarter began because I wasn't interested in casual hook ups anymore.
A month after I deleted the app he reached out to me via Snapchat and asked if I still wanted meet up. I was honest and told him that I didn't enjoy hook ups. He agreed and asked me out for a drink instead. I went and we talked for a good 3 hours. He invited me to his place after but I declined. We have still been messaging regularly since then.
The thing is... he has everything I look for in a romantic partner, we also have a lot in common, and we have really nice conversations. I've gone on many dates (real dates not hook-ups) since my previous relationship and this was the first time I met someone that I'm actually excited about. I think there is potential here but I'm afraid I've already ruined it as my original intent was to be casual.
Is it possible to turn this around? We haven't slept together but it might be too late as he thinks this is still casual.
Is it possible to actually have a relationship with someone you met on Tinder?
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