What's the point of having a prom date?

Why do people make such a big deal about it?

I'm used to going to school dances so I don't really know anything about it.

It dosen't bother me going alone because I know I'd never get one anyway. (let's just say guys aren't that into me)

I'm going to prom this year so, I wanna know what's the differnce between being alone at a prom and a dance?


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  • Prom is a bigger deal I suppose. A dance is just an hour or two of having fun in the gym and then you go home. Prom you have an hour or so of taking pictures at someone's house, dinner, actual prom, after prom, (possibly after after prom). It's a lot longer. The whole point of having a date is because of the whole "buddy system" idea. People have more fun in large groups when they have their own buddy. There's less of a chance of feeling left out. You have someone all night to talk to, eat with, dance with, etc. If you're cool going without a date then that's completely your decision. The date tradition started just as a way to make the experience more enjoyable.


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  • I completely understand. I can have the time of my life with just my friends...actually I would have more fun with them versus a boy.

    Anyway, everyone always gets asked by the man of their dreams to go to prom (I'm thinking Pretty in Pink). So, I guess that's just what people consider prom to signify now. I agree with foolycooly1001. It's just about showing everyone that you can get someone.

  • Looks good in pictures. Make sure you pick out a handsome one ;)

    • No guy wants to ask me to promanyway so I can't :/

    • I'm sure there's a guy who wants to ask you, he's just scared...men these days. Pussies