I met a lovely girl, she text me out of the blue but now I'm not getting a reply!

Bit of a background to the story:-

I was in my friends shop and a girl came in and we Instantly hit it off , I was running late for a meeting so I had to go( without getting her number!). I received a text message from a number I didn't recognize and basically it was this girl I met, she asked how I was etc etc, generally a nice text and a very nice surprise!

Turns out my friend gave her my number cos after I left the shop she was asking about me and thought I was hot!

I replied to her, and asked if she would like to meet up for a drink! Now I'm not getting a reply! To say I'm Puzzled is an understatement! Lol please help


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  • When did you text her?

    • I replied to her about an hour after she text me, but no reply for 2 days so I tried to call last nyt thinking maybe my message didn't go through but she didn't answer... Don't understand why someone would go to the effort to get my number and message me if they were then just going to ignore me? That's just a cruel game

    • I don't understand it myself. Sounds like both the sexes get the cr*p x

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  • stop texting and call her instead. but give it a couple of days maybe she is busy with life


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  • I'm in a similar situation and am interested what the ladies have to speculate.

    I'm going to venture out and say she might be busy or just found someone else?