Do jewish guys only date girls of their own religion?

i like this jewish guy and I didn't think he was that religious but apparently I guess he is and said he can't marry out...but I know he likes me and I really like him...i don't know what to do...


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  • I dated a jewish guy for 3 years and though he had no problem dating outside his religion, he said a lot of his friends did. Not that they wouldn't date non-jewish girls but they wouldn't get serious with a girl unless she was jewish. My ex and his family were not religious and just overall open minded but many of his friends had traditional families that wanted the grandchildren to be jewish. I also see a much tighter bond between parents and children, including adult children, in the jewish community in general. So even adult children do try to hide what they can that they know will not meet with their parents (especially their mom's) approval, but you cannot hide a non-jewish wife.

    So, in your case, you cannot do anything because this is not up to you, it is up to him and unless he changes his mind and really sees some sort of amazing reason to go against his parent's wishes, he will not be dating you seriously.

    • thanks for your input

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  • I am Christian but I do know some of what the Jewish faith says and basically what it says is that you can't marry a non-Jew. But there are the more stricter Jews like the his friends.


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  • I'm in pretty much the same situation and it sucks because there's really nothing you can do about it :(