How trustworthy are Korean men?

So I've been seeing this Korean guy for about 4 months now. We've met online (not tinder) and we see each every other week since we live in different cities (2hrs away). He already said he loves me since first month. He made me deleted all sort of "dating apps" on my phone but we always never agreed on what are we.
In the past few days, he matched with a girl I know on the same platform we've met and they have been talking since and she told me he is all flirty with her. I haven't said anything cause I don't wanna be the crazy woman who doubts his every move.
But now I am left wondering if I should trust him or straight up call him on it? Cause if he is like that with my friend, imagine with other girls.
Help please... thanks
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I understand that being an individual is more than where he comes from. But it's been said many types that Asian men are indeed more loving and caring than western men. So that is why I am confused. He said he doesn't talk to girls and all so that is why this was a blow to my face.
How trustworthy are Korean men?
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