Would these characteristics make you date me?

For some reason I'm not able to get into relationships with girls, and I've been thinking about it... When I meet girls, a fair amount of them end up liking me, the problem is, it's hard for me to like someone, and even if they're attractive, I can't seem to go on for more than a few dates since I get bored easily. Also, I'm too busy with school and have been for the last 5 years, so I rarely meet new girls.

Anyway, is there something wrong with me or is it just that I haven't put myself out there enough during the last few years? I'm 21 and will be graduatin Vet school in October, I have a great group of friends (quality over quantity), I speak 2 languages and I'm learning a third one, I come from a decent family, I'm well spoken and educated, I'm tall, I can get along with people easily, I can make most girls laugh... I'm not a partier, I drink occassionally but never overdo it, I haven't had sex, I've only had 2 girlfriends but I've dated 6 girls, I'm not clingy or jealous, I come accross as mean because of the way I look at other people but it goes away as soon as people get to know me.

So basically I think I want to start dating, but I don't know how... I don't know how to meet new people. How can I go about that taking into account my free time is basically reduced to Sundays?


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  • I'd date you.

    But if dates get boring easily then you need to get creative about your dates. Maybe watching a movie on a couch isn't for you, okay, fine.

    If you really want to snag a girlfriend, you gotta be engaging. Maybe she does something you don't usually do, go do that. Make it a date.


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