Is monogamy unrealistic?

Part of the reason I have a fear of getting into a relationship is because I don’t believe in dating multiple guys at a time. But quite a few guys I’ve met have openly told me they believe the opposite.

Many of them have said it’s because their first girlfriend cheated on them and they always want to be one step ahead of any other girl they meet.

And even after speaking with other women my age about this, they have the same mindset. A lot of them have 2, sometimes 3 boyfriends at a time and it makes me sick.

I honestly just don’t even try dating anymore because of those type of people. My only worry is that obviously if I don’t date, then I won’t get married and getting married is something I really want one day... I just would like to marry someone who has a similar mindset as me.
Is monogamy unrealistic?
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