How do you kiss?

Heyy guys OK so basically tomorrow I'm going to kiss my bof for the first time, and its also my first time kissing ( make out, I have already pecked a few people ) ANY ADVICE ?

a) how do you kiss ( what do you do with your tongue )

b) should I out on lipsmacker ?

c) how should I starts it out



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  • A. You'll figure it out.

    B. You don't need to unless you're totally chapped. If you don't need it, don't.

    C. You should starts by placing your face in front of his.

    Just make sure you're hydrated and just go for it.

    You're 30 or above and never had this experience?

    • hahhahaha NO IM NOT 30 lol I'm 13 I just put that random age ... but what if the chapstick actually HAVE A RELI RELI RELI NICE TASTE ?

    • Personally, I prefer the flavor of the woman I'm kissing. It's up to you if you think you taste nasty.

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  • Type hot to kiss in google and find a video

    This helped me a lot hope they will help you too!

    P.S. threat your boyfriend well because it will hurt a lot if you would brake up

    trust me I know

    can't post links sorry need level 3? What's the point of this


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  • Im 17 and I just had my first kiss a few weeks ago. I felt the exact same way. You think you won't know how to do it at first, but once your lips touch with his, you'll know exactly what to do, its just natural. only use lipsmacker if your lips are chapped

  • Why don't you wait till he kisses you first?