Is it wrong to leave a guy hanging on the sideline...?

I went out to dancing with my friends to the club. I'm the only single one sadly which is ridiculous because I'm so young. So anyways, one of my friend's boyfriend brought one of his single friends and it kind of made it seem like a double date thing. I wasn't expecting it and I didn't know the guy. He was nice and all and even ended up paying for me the entire night. We talked a bit but I really wanted to dance. I like to dance but the guy claimed he didn't know how to and I really dislike it when I go to clubs and end up dancing with someone who doesn't know what they are doing. There were many guys checking me out that I knew they knew how to dance. I wished would have asked me but they didn't since I'm sure they assumed I was with this guy. So my question is, if a guy would have came up to me to ask me to dance would it be rude of me to leave him by himself?


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  • That's a hard question. If I were you, I would want to go dance and just tell the guy you'd be back in a bit. But from his point of view, it would probably really hurt his feelings if you left him. He would probably be hoping that you would take him out and maybe show him a few moves or something.

    But I guess to answer your question it depends on if you were into him or not. If you weren't feeling it, just go do your thing.

    • Yeah exactly, and he paid for me too so the last thing I wanted to do was for him to feel bad :S. I don't know if I would be into him though since I had just met him, but he does kind of remind me of my ex a lot and that is not good. I wouldn't be interested in a relationship anyway. It was just a really bad situation lol. Thanks for your input :)!

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  • You should try and take more conscious control of your surroundings in a situation like that. If you weren't into him, you should have told him to stop paying for you. 'Cos he was like, I mean, he was paying for you and you were letting him. He's gonna expect entitlement to you. And if he's done that all night, and then you say 'Bye, there's some guys I wanna dance around with', you become one of those girls. You know what I mean...

    But if you had have told him not to do that, you don't owe him anything. Then, don't be closed minded to flirting or whatever, but act like... Not that he has to 'chase' you or anything. But certainly that your just out at night and that its anybody's game, just 'cos he's there doesn't give him any free pass, you know what I mean?

    And that way it could go either way, you could get in with this guy, or you could even just make a good friend from the night, or you could leave it with a new experience of another person who you won't see again. Real streetscape neon sh*t, like.

    • Lol, yeah, but I didn't have cash on me so I really did need someone to pay since they didn't have ATM and accepted no CC's (ridiculous I know). It was all so weird. Like my friend could have paid for me too and I would have easily paid her back instead of allowing some stranger to spend money on me. I was kind of stuck without any options. But you make a very good point about what could have happened if he didn't end up paying for me. Thank you for your input :)!

    • LOL, you serious? I couldn't go out knowing other people had to pay for me. I feel guilty mooching cigarettes!

      Your welcome, anyhow ^_^

  • Well, you had a duty to interrupt and pay for your own dinner and dance cover or whatever because you weren't interested in the guy. Had you been interested, I wouldn't have a problem with it. You didn't have to explain to the guy that you weren't interested in him, just tell him that "no, I will pay for my own meal...but thanks"...he'd get the idea once you said that. Then you could have danced with whoever you wanted and the guy wouldn't have had a problem with it.


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