Met a girl but she's "practiced" with other guys since you last met / kissed?

if you liked a girl, she tells you she's never kissed anyone before, then you kiss but don't see her again for a while.

you asks her (over the internet) if she's been "practicing".

would you secretely want her to say yes or no? why?

and if she said she kissed other guys, would that make you want her more or give up?

delete question please


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  • I think you should say no. because the guy must have asked the question jokingly.. I don't think any guy would want to share his girlfriend with others.. or if he likes I think he is totally weired and you shouldn't be more intimidate with him.. (this my openion.. its what I think) best of luck :)

    • yea he did make a ";P" after his questions, so I suppose it was meant as a joke...but I kinda got the attention that he didn't takeme as seriously as I took him, so I thought maybe I should tell him that I've kissed other guys too (I think he's kissed other girls since we met)

    • In india it is said that 'the truth that does no good & harms others shouldn't b told' & 'the lie which sves the life of others is greter than that truth'.. so act on what you understand & act wisely.. :)

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  • I'd prefer she said no. What I really want is to never hear about her sexual history and never ask this question.

    • well, he knew I've never kissed a guy before him!

  • Well if I *did* ask this question...well I wouldn't so yeah. But anyway, I wouldn't really want to hear about any other guys she's been with. I don't know why this guy asked you this, so I can't say for sure why he asked. If I heard she had kissed other guys, I would wonder if she was the sleep around types. That's why I'd prefer not to hear about a girl's history. It causes me to wonder, then the wonder doesn't stop and ends up nagging at me.

  • If I was asking the question, I'd want whatever the truth is.

    • of course. how would you react if she said yes? would that make you want her more or less?

    • That really depends on what the relationship was like beforehand.

    • you met her in a club lol

  • id definitely hope she hadnt. if she had it wouldn't make me want her more. it may make me want her less however. if she liked you then she wouldn't go around kissing other guys or whatever. that's how I see it anyway


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