Would you date a girl bigger than you?

i am not fat I'm just not skinny but all the guys my age are really skinny because they are still going through puberty and they haven't got tall and muscular yet so I'm bigger than the guys I like would you date someone bigger than you


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  • not if she was way bigger than me and/or fat

    • not way big I'm only 108 lbs and 5' 1" but I'm just not skinny I'm kinda thick just because the way I'm built

    • then you're good to go

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  • In a heartbeat! Technically, my Girlfriend IS ...

  • Depends.

    I have this thing now that I really don't want to date a woman heavier than me unless she's taller.

    I'm 6"1 and 205lb so that should be a safe bet.

    • im half that lol I mean guys that aren't huge like bone thin lol

    • Well, I don't like skinny guys out of the notion that they are either lazy or unhealthy. My weight is a good level as I have low body fat, 10% last time I checked.

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  • 5'1'' and 108 isn't fat. the rule of thumb is 100 lbs for 5'0'' and 10 more lbs per inch taller. the only way you could even be somewhat thick is if you don't work out and have all fat, no muscle. muscle makes people look thinner and toned even though muscle weighs more than fat. That's why I make sure I'm in shape by taking my measurements rather than my weight. I dance and I'm 5'0'' 105lbs but I'm skinny. I've had people guess my weight way lower, like 90 lbs. It's all about looking healthy and fit. hope this helps!

    • i dance too ha ha yeah my family is known to have big bones and be muscular but my only prob is I have just a little fat on top of the muscle that makes it look like fat but tanning normally helps :)

    • what type of dance do you do? I like doing funk jazz

    • tap/ jazz, musical theature which includes dancing and maybe hiphop I'm undecided