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Is she using me?

I'd like to know what are the red flags that when I see it means that a girl using me, and isn't interested in an intimate relationship nor a friendship.

Because in many cases you'd push yourself to the extreme limits, and only to discover in the end you've been played all along.

Here is the context:

(Keep in mind she is attractive)

We've been friends for 2 years now. At first I had a crush on her (but never told her ) after a month or so I realized she isn't the one, and we became good friends. I know a lot about her! Especially her relationships, and that's why I realized she isn't the one. However, few months back she told me that she has that friend, who is Automotive engineer , and that she hates his guts, but damn he has huge crush on her. The guy literally always does his absolute best to see her more, and get to know her more, but as I told she hates his guts. She confessed to me that she is using him to get free car repairs, and he is head over heels in love with her. This is one story but there is many others.

I'm a computer engineer so I'm afraid she is also using me to get free computer repairs and help in general, and she needs A LOT of help! The thing is I get bored of helping and helping so sometimes I ignore her, and don't really check up on her because I feel used.

One more thing, she usually drops stuff like we are only friends/good friends and stuff. So I don't try to take things to the next level.

So is she toxic? Should I stay with her as friends?
Is she using me?
Is she using me?
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