Where to you go when dating or hanging out with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

What do you do when spending time with your partner besides going to movies and having dinner?


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  • -ice skating


    -shopping (not girlie or boys only stores)

    -making jello or teaching him how to cook stuff

    -riding 4 wheeler, golf carts, playing with horses



    -driving places, going on the metro

    -going to museums, concerts, and touring local city

    -make a video of us karaoke singing a song together

    -role playing spies, talking with accents all day, fake names

    -clothes shopping for costumes/weird clothes we wouldn't by but fun to try

    -walking on train tracks

    -making a list of places to kiss and trying to get as many done in 1 day as possible

    -teaching yoga/karate/dancing/arm wrestling

    -programming and learn what each other are doing in school

    -making new kinds of soda concoctions by mixing sodas

    -shop for hand sanitizer, lotion, candles, or other smelly things

    -go to a prank shop

    -walk around a park

    -go to a library, find funny books and read to each other

    -play sporcle (sporcle.com)

    -find funny youtube videos together

    -make a list of funny pet names (french usually) to call each other

    -swim suit shopping

    -climb trees and go rope swinging

    -scare all the little kids away and play on a park playground

    -go rollerblading

    -draw cartoons of each other and people we know

    -give/read how to do foot/back/head massages

    -read about the human body ending with endocrine and reproductive systems

    -check the news and debate about stuff

    -go facebook stalking together

    -prank call people

    -go snow tubing

    -arrange/go on each others' scavenger hunts

    -do chalk drawings on the sidewalk or brick walls

    -play truth or dare

    -role play that we are the other person

    -play hide and seek

    -walk around the woods and figure out constellations


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  • depends what mood. If were hungry we keep it simple and cook and or go to a bar get a patty melt and a beer. But we would rather go to somewhere where no one can see us lol. jk everywhere I don't know. its never limited

  • try tagging sometime.

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