I'm Sort Of Lonely...How Do I Go About It?

So its Friday night and it seems like everyone else is out with a boyfriend or girlfriend but me. My boyfriend broke up with me but still wants to be friends but he has been throwing other women in my face and telling me over and over again that he is over me and that he will never want me back.So he's out for the weekend supposedly with his family and he told me he was going to call me but he hasn't and I don't think he will until he gets back. So I tried to call my friends and even some family but they are all doing something with with significant others, even my mom is on a date and I'm sitting here trying to find something to do other than work and watch wrestling by myself and fantasising about guys on tv.What do you do when you recently got dumped and just feel completely lonely and how do I get over him?


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  • Do not keep in contact with him. He is totally disrespecting you, by saying he wants to be friends then going off with other women and hurting you he is laughing at you.

    Find people who are single. Get your friends to visit you without there boyf/girlf. Get out there and keep busy. Go meet new people. Do things you never dared do before, and things you know can do because your single.

    Write a list, on the positives on being single and pin it on your wall and read it every time you start missing your ex. Get him out your life. He is not healthy for you.

    Change your room around, Do things that make you happy. even if its dance to a silly song for a few mins. It gives you a happy buzz and you feel so much better about yourself.

    The most important thing to realised is to not rely on a guy to make yourself happy. I strongly advise you to talk to your mum when she gets back and explain how you feel. Spend sometime with her. I did today with my mum. (I myself have been crying today over my ex suddenly contacted me after no contact for a month. He was begging me back to his last night, explaining why he suddenly stopped talking to me, for me to find out the next day he's back with his ex and has been for a few weeks, even though he had me stay over last night).

    If you need to talk write to me, I'll write back. Find other people going through a similar situation and talk to each other, help each other out, and when you find yourself advising someone else to leave or be strong, you find yourself wanting to do the same thing, it helps push you into doing it.


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  • I try and keep occupied with things I like doing, I sleep, and I eat! Haha. It's tough, but really, the best cure is time. The longer you wait it out, the less it will hurt.

    Oh, you can go out and try to meet new people, that always cheers me up. You might even find a new boyfriend.

    • At times I feel like I don't even want a new boyfriend after him...lots of guys I have dated either pretended to be nice just to get in my pants and then later on tell me they want to see other people..or they just treat me like I'm nothing and my opinion doesn't matter...i feel like when I open up to someone it goes bad but when I don't I'm lonely...i'm damned either way

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    • Best advice I heard all day...street corners...lol

    • Joey is right, and I would've said what he said had he not beat me to it first! Haha.

      I'd also like to add that a great way to weed out guys who only want sex is to make them wait. Don't have sex for at least a month or a couple of months. You control how fast a relationship goes, so take control! :)

  • i agree with Hercules, but the sad truth is if you surround your self with people wit aren't lonely then your going to feel the pain of being lonesome no matter how much time you spend occupied

    do as the demi god said and go out to meet new people, enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

    as for the ex-boyfriend. the fast you find you a new man the faster you can get him out of your mind cause if he's moved on then you should move on too. hope this help.

    • The hardest is pretty much everyone around me, from family members to my best friends are all with someone so its hard to be around them when they want to drag their boyfriends but when they don't they're always calling them or talking about them or texting them...they've had long term boyfriends and I've only been a year...and I feel like I'm not meant to be in a long term relationship while everyone else is.

    • Maybe cause your putting too much thought into the situation. the more you think about it the more depressed you'll feel about it. move on and enjoy the single life you have soo much more freedom than they do. don't stress about it. keep you head up. nobody is destine to be alone.

  • ok first off I know my advice is going to sound insane but I can guarntee I have met more girls because of this over the .last 3 weeks than I did for an entire school year going to the University of Minnesota. Go to plentyoffish.com and sign up and make a complete profile and you will have more guys than you know what to do with. If you want a relationship you can have that, if you want a hook up that can happen and even just guy friends to do fun stuff with. You will thank me for this information I promise :)


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  • The only way to get over him is to find someone else. Do you have friends or exes/ old friends/ or others in a 'maybe' category who would be willing to keep you company? Maybe through them you would meet other people. Always best to seek out comfortable and familiar surroundings.

    Girl friends are also an option. No way is 'everybody' out on a date. A lot of others are also lonely. Try a couple and you will soon see that.

    • I do have an ex who has been calling me a lot lately...he was my best friend before we dated but I grew distant with him when I started dating this guy who just dumped me...we have been talking and seeing each other a lot but I am afraid to get close because there has been a lot of drama with him when I went with this guy I am attracted to him though...

    • He might not be a good choice to replace this guy, BUT he might be a sympathetic listener for you right now informally say at a coffee shop....You can be the judge of that!!

      Maybe girl friends would be better listeners without any complications, since he may have the idea that he can get you on the 'rebound.'

  • Getting over someone is really hard and the saying 'Time heals all wounds" is very true. The hard part is that that isn't helping you NOW. I found that being by myself and remembering the times was something I needed to go through but you don't want to stay there too long. Is there a hobby you're interested in or even going to the library and hanging out there with a good book. At least you will be out of the house and the opportunity of maybe running into another single man will be more likely at the library (or someplace of interest to you) than sitting at home. The hurt will pass so hang in there. That lucky man is out there for you!

  • You should find someone else to talk to. Get to know another dude. Maybe it would make you feel better. You wouldn't have to become real serious with the dude just be friends and you never know maybe it could take you in another direction than what you thought.