Online dating: what works?

What works? Am I out of touch? Tinder? Bumble? Should I DM people on Instagram?

I've personally used some online dating sites and I don't DM people on Instagram (I have a belief that this is very thirsty behavior and I shouldn't do it. I had a pretty hot girlfriend up until recently and her DMs were constantly full of guys trying to hit on her and I got the idea that this is futile and low-value. If this is not true, tell me why). Haven't had much results at all this way though, so I've focused on meeting people in real life. This has worked just ok and it's getting better slow and steady (I WANT TO MEET GREAT GIRLS NOW, WAAAHHH 👶) but I can't help feeling like I just don't know how to online date well enough and I'm missing out. I feel that I'm enough of a man and there's no reason why I shouldn't have more and better options. HELP!

Guys, where/ how have you had the best success?

Girls, how can I best reach out? Why?
Online dating: what works?
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Online dating: what works?
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