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My boyfriend of almost one year has a cheating ex that continues to badmouth me. What’s the deal?

My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year, things are great, he’s amazing, and he talks every day about how he can’t wait to one day marry me and start a beautiful life together. I continue to get messages from mutual friend’s of mine and his ex that his ex is talking major trash about me (via FB), mostly about my looks. She’s not a bad looking girl and neither am I, that’s just honesty. My boyfriend can’t keep his eyes or hands off me, he doesn’t like the attention i get when just walking from place to place, I know I’m an attractive gal. Typically I tell the friends that it doesn’t affect me and just brush it off, but this time she called me a downgrade, and for some reason that really irked me. A little history of hers. She’s a known cheater. She’s a compulsive liar. She also happened to sleep with my ex boyfriend while he was with me, which is something my now boyfriend and I connected when we first got together, because she was also with him during that time. She cheated on my current boyfriend multiple times and the last time he caught her red handed in person and she laughed in his face, said “oops”, and continued walking hand in hand with the man she cheated with. She hurt him a lot. I met him 5 months after he dumped her and we hit things off immediately. We’re in love. She got pregnant with the man she cheated with a couple months after he broke up with her, she had a shotgun wedding, and she just gave birth not very long ago, and yet, she’s still posting about my boyfriend constantly, with posts saying things like “people get sad over wasting 3 dollars on an icecream but i get sad for wasting 3 years on a man i won’t get back.” Posting about how I’m a downgrade even though she hurt him the way she did and I would never even think about something so horrid. I’m not going to stoop to her level and write things back to try and hurt her, instead, i’d like some advice as to how not to let her get to me, because I truly love my relationship.
My boyfriend of almost one year has a cheating ex that continues to badmouth me. What’s the deal?
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