I'm stuck between two people...

Ok so I started taking a few different women on dates, not so much I'm only seeing one person just getting to know them kind of dates. So I had one planned yesterday went very well and I really think I like this girl. The problem is I have another one with someone else this coming weekend and honestly I think I'd rather not continue looking if that makes sense. So do I just cancel the date and tell her I've found someone I'd like to see more? I'd hate to be cruel but I want to be honest... Any advice would be wonderful


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  • In this case, you can cancel the date and say you have other commitments that need your attention.

    You don't have to go into the details of your life.

    Now if she wants to re-schedule, then you're going to have a problem, because if you don't come out and say why, it's going to be weird to then have to bring that up.

    Maybe just going on the one date would be easier...