Help with initially dating this girl? girls are so complicated

i really like this girl and from what I can tell she likes me. we've flirted around a lot and even set up a first hangout time. I need some help with a few things

1) should I text her every day or not? I don't want to make it seem like I've lost interest, but I don't want to sound desperate

2) how can I turn this romantic?

p.s. were both in college she is a sophomore and I am a freshman


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  • Here is how I look at it. If you like someone, be you. If you are the type of guy to call everyday and see what is up with her, then do that. Don't pretend to be a macho guy who wants the girl to chase her, hoping that will make her notice you. Or try to be the asshole guy who just acts aloof and could care less. If you want to talk to her everyday, do that. If she can't like you because you talk to her everyday then that's too bad for her. Find a girl who will want a guy who talks to her everyday, someone who wants to be in her life :) There are lots of girls like that out there, I know because I am one of them!

    Also, to make it more romantic, well, it depends on what you guys are doing on your 'hang out' time. If you are going to see a movie, maybe take her to a romantic one. Hold open doors for her, and just be a nice guy.

    If you are going out to eat, maybe make it a nice place that you know you can sit and talk. Maybe bring her flowers or something like that. I think that would be really romantic. I know I never get flowers so its a really nice gesture and I'm sure she will appreciate it. I know I would, and I think its important to be yourself, or else you won't be happy.


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  • Texting is a good start. If she likes you she'll love receiving texts from you. Don't count how many and just do it whenever. You'll know whether you should continue texting from her response (i.e. if she doesn't text back the you know there's no point texting everyday). You won't have to intentionally make it romantic either because having a sweet boyfriend is already romantic enough! If she is not the superficial type, having you around her is all she will need. Good luck :).

    • thanks! but were not together yet...i knida want to make that happen

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    • ok, how can I tell her I like her without making it awkward. lol I have a bad habit of making things awkward

    • Take her to a place where it is just the two of you. Tell her you want to show her something or whatever. Then when you are alone, be like "hey, just wanna tell you that I like you." If she likes you back, she'll tell you and voila! If not, then be like it's OK, we'll just stay as good friends then. Must resolve it either way or else it'll be awkward after.

  • You should gradually build up your communication with her. Too much too soon will freak her out and she'd bolt. Too little effort will make her question your real interest and she won't notice you.

    Then after a week or two when you're comfortably communicating, I'd try asking her out. Suggest doing something or going somewhere she likes and see if she's available. If I like a guy and he's made enough of an effort to build a repore with me, I'd say yes.


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  • Don't text every day. You'll become too predictable.

    And don't be too available.

    Translation: Be a challenge.

    If you've already setup a date, then leave it at that. What is there to talk about on your date if you text everything prior?

  • Trust me if a any girl likes you she'll get you don't text her everyday and when she text you don't reply wait at least 30 min she will love you...if you be too nice to her she will end up with another guy and if you both in colege try to talk to other girls and see how she reacts

    • I don't recommend that. Not all girls will fall for guys that are "jerks". Some girls will go away the moment she sees the guy she likes with another girl, because there is no point trying to "win the guy's heart" if he is interested in another girl in the first place.

    • your games are gay.

    • i don't recommend that unless you want her to lose interest