How do you deal with your boyfriend constantly hanging out with his sister?

My boyfriend and his sister are constantly talking on the phone and hanging out. It is getting to the point where I feel like the third wheel. I am not sure how to approach this since they are brother and sister but it is really starting to get out of hand. Just looking for any advice.


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  • I had a very similar situation with my wife years ago. I ended up just being honest, telling her how I felt, and was very careful to not be accusive. We talked and she gave me more time, and respected my insecurities regarding it.

    Hope that helps!


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  • tell him "look I love your sister she's great and all, but I want alone time just me and you so we can do things more as a couple I feel kinda left out when its the three of us cause she's your sister and I know how close you are and that's great and I like hanging out with her sometimes but sometimes I want it to be just us, you understand right?" make sure to say the "you understand right?" part cause it makes him feel asked instead of bossed around.