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Do guys ever REALLY make the first move?

We always face the question of whether the male is supposed to make the first move or not. Do we ever really make the first move though?

We see this idea the man should be confident enough to take the leap and initiate courting. Men stress and worry, torn between this obligation to not show weakness and the inescapable fear of the unknown, will she accept my feeling?

Is the entire dilemma a load of bull? Before we take the first step we use signals to gauge the outcome. Usually the woman takes the lead in this area and controls the early stage of the relationship.

So my question is, do we men ever really choose to take that gamble? Or has the lady already taken the initiative by giving us the opportunity? If so, why do we need to stress when all we have to do is take the chance we are given and ask the question?

Guys, do you feel like you're in control when courting a girl?

Girls, are you consciously directing us in the lead up or do we really make the first move?
Do guys ever REALLY make the first move?
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