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Tinder advice, too flirty? Can flirting scare girls away?

I've been using tinder and I find that my conversations have gotten a lot better in terms of not being ignored when sending messages, however there are still situations where I'm left thinking what the **** have I done wrong.

For example even though I match with a girl, if I start flirting with them I will get ignored. To cut it short, is it possible to scare girls off with flirting.

by the way the recent example that got me unfriended on Snapchat from tinder was ' I heard these ' enter location' are quite fiesty how would you describe yourself' she responds with ' hahahaha im quite laid back, not going to lie' I then respond with ' that makes quiet a change, maybe I can make you more fiesty😉, what do you do for fun apart from riding dragons' the riding dragon part refers to an earlier text were I told her she looks like the girl from game of thrones. This text was the third or fourth text I had sent. Up to this point she was replying every 5 mins and she was laughing then I went to bed and sent her the text above about 12 hours late. I then got unfriended around an hour or two later. Why was this?

Any tips? too cheesy, too aggressive, just plain weird? Also another question would be, if she likes me according to us matching on tinder, can flirting creep girls out and scare then off? I don't think it was heavy flirting to the point where it would scare a girl away.
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Tinder advice, too flirty? Can flirting scare girls away?
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