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Friend with benefits?

So I’ve been seeing this friend with benefits and I recently told him I can’t see him anymore because I’ve caught feelings and he said he understands and that I am mature for wanting better for myself. So I thought that was the end of our relationship but after that he wished me a happy birthday and offered me birthday sex and so I said maybe later this week. They next day he hits me up and asks if we can hang that night because he won’t be free this week. I agreed but told him I wasn’t getting off work till late.
He said that’s fine. So I leave work and he tells me he’s on the way already lol so I rush home and shower and pick out clothes and everything to see him but he arrives while I’m in the shower and I said 5 mins because I just hopped out the shower and he’s like rushing me over text and stuff so I’m rushing and then I finally get outside probably 15 mins total and he has already left! No message no anything even now 9 hours later he hasn’t even opened my last response. What should I do? Yes I should have been on time but I told him I just got off work.
Friend with benefits?
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