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Advice for getting back together with an ex?

My ex and I dated for a relatively short period of time (about three months) and it has been about a year and a half since that ended. We were in casual contact throughout that period, but never saw each other in person. Just liked each other's facebook posts or occasionally sent a snap. No ill feelings. We broke up because we kept circling back to the same argument all the time and couldn't seem to get on the same page about it, and also because the more that argument went on, the less effort I felt like he put towards making time for me or talking to me. He never asked me questions about my day and after a while it started to hurt my feelings.

Flash forward to now, and we've been talking again for about two weeks. We hung out once last weekend and it was surprisingly wonderful. It was really good to see him, things felt very natural, and I had a genuinely good time. Ended up staying over and he kissed me so I know we're on the same page about this being a romantic thing and not just a friends getting back in touch thing. We're both in very different places in our lives now and I feel like with the right communication and taking time to sort through the problems we had before, it could work.

If you've ever gotten back together with an ex, what advice do you have for dealing with past baggage so you can start over and not hit the same snags again?
Advice for getting back together with an ex?
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