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Help! Am I just overthinking?

Hello all!!!

I’ve been dating a guy for about a month. He’s nice and funny and has a good job blah, blah, blah. So he travels a lot for work and he’s a little secretive at times. I don’t feel it’s on purpose but here’s what’s been going on.

I don’t hear from him much because of how much he works and travels which is okay but it sometimes makes me wonder why he can’t send me a hello text every now and then. Also sometimes when i’m being flirty over text he kind of evades the flirty comments and just replies to other parts of the text, he doesn’t really acknowledge when I’m trying to be flirty so I stopped it altogether.

One time he didn’t respond to my text for about a week so i sent a text saying hope he’s good and that if he’s not too interested anymore it’s alright just let me know. He responded about how he wants to work things out and that he enjoys seeing me but he’s home for most of the week and weekends and he doesn’t try to see very much. Also I told him I think i may start to like him and he didn’t acknowledge that either :/

I understand he is busy and has a life and I do too. I’m still keeping my options open. Like I said every time I have second doubts he tells me it’s alright but deep down I don’t really believe it. I’m sure he likes me but not enough. Help me out?
Help! Am I just overthinking?
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