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Why would a woman behave like this?

This woman at school was mean and rude when, I moved an object out of her way and held the door for her.

The woman at school then said get out of my way, I can do it myself and then then next week when, I asked her to show me where a classroom was she decided to go with me. When, I asked this woman questions about herself she answered but when, I shared anything about myself she didn't say anything. When we got there, I smiled at her and thanked her but she stood there with no expression on her face stared at me for 3 mins turned around and walked away. The next month we got placed at the same coop and she knew I was nervous around her while doing a demonstration and she said that, you dont have to be nervous its okay you can get closer and touch me, I dont bite much.
Why would a woman behave like this?
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