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Will he come back to me again?

I met a wonderful guy a few months ago and we hit it off immediately. He told me that I was everything he ever wanted in a relationship and I felt the same. He has a young son (3) with his ex girlfriend and I was introduced to him a couple weeks ago and fell in love with him too. The only problem was that after the first month of dating, he ended things and said that him and his ex were getting along really well and he had to try to make it work for his son's sake. As painful as that was, I accepted it and moved on. He came back a month later asking for me to take him back and try again. He apologized profusely and said they never got back together, they were only thinking about it but it didn't last because they just can't get along.

I was so hesitant but ultimately fell for him again. Every second of our time together was wonderful and I know he felt the same way. Just as we were getting closer and he was opening up more, he messaged me and said that he wasn't ready for a full on commitment and just has too much going on in his life right now. I know he is having trouble at work and is just busy overall but I feel like there's something else that he's not telling me. He said that our connection was real and it's too real for him right now and he doesn't really know what he wants other than space, which is exactly what I'm giving him. I am not putting my life on hold for him in any way and told him that but secretly, I am hoping he will come back and be ready for a real relationship. Am I just wasting my time here or will he come back to me again?
Will he come back to me again?
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