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Is tinder really a double edged blade?

I just want to hear from both sides, being a guy I have a pretty good sense of what (I feel) is a stereotypical straight males tinder experience. Very few matches, 1 or 2 a month, if I'm lucky, usually with very sub par/ desperate seeming females. 4 out of 5 won't message, 1 in ten will actually meet up, and I've never hooked up (or wanted to) with any of them. And those numbers seem generous. Is this what most guys encounter? And from a female perspective, it's just a sea of guys, probably match with 1 out of 3 guys, most of which are just fuckboys. Is this what most girls come across? Lady's and gents, gimmy an "amen" if I nailed it, if not, put my tinder game to shame
Is tinder really a double edged blade?
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