Why no Tongue?

Yo so aight my girlfriend and I just started going out, like 3 weeks. With my Ex, on our first kiss she used her tongue.(she's the only other girl I have kissed). Well my current Girlfriend won't do it. we have kissed many times, I didn't even know how to kiss with no tongue until we started doing it. I really don't get it.so girls what's her deal?


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  • actually I want to have tongue kisses as well

    But my boyfriend is the one who dun use it .


    we only have french kiss while we have sex


    is tht normal ?


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  • Some girls just don't like the tongue or maybe she is shy.

    I personally don't like it at all, even when I'm drunk I seem to have this weird thought in my head of how sick it is.

    I honestly think your girlfriend is shy that's all =]

  • shes probably just shy, I love tongue.


What Guys Said 1

  • Um. Why are you assuming after having 2 girl friends that ALL girls your age not only KNOW how to use tongue but also WANT to use tongue after 3 weeks? You said it yourself, you didn't know how to use it before her, so why in the world do you assume automatically your new girlfriend has something wrong with her?

    • Woah lol. this kids a psychopath. I don't know why she doesn't want to use tongue. We have had sex. So I doubt it's an issue of it's only been three weeks. All I wanted to know was some reasons girls wouldn't use tongue. sorry if for some strange reason I offended you.

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