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Should I "schedule" a serious conversation with him?

It's a conversation we definitely need to have, regardless of the outcome, but I want to do it kindly. Even if nothing works out, I don't want to have negative feelings between us because I care about him. My ex and I have been talking again the last couple weeks. It's been a year and a half since we broke up and we saw each other for the first time last weekend, had a really wonderful conversation, played scrabble, and then he ended up asking me to stay over and we kissed and stuff. It was a little reckless of me to jump in that fast but in the moment I felt very secure.

I have NOT felt that way ever since. It's not that he hasn't been talking to me, it's just that there's been no sign of him making plans to see me again and his responses to what I say are sort of nothing responses. Quite frankly, I feel led on and taken advantage of.

I want to have an open and honest conversation with him, ask where his heads at and tell him how I've been feeling (without judgement, how I feel isn't necessarily aligned to his intentions), and assuming we're on the same page, talk about how we can move forward in a better way for both of us.

My main question is, should I schedule a conversation like this (i. e. can you talk tomorrow when I get off work at 5?) or should I just bring it up in the moment? If I do schedule it, should I send him a meeting "agenda" (lol) so he doesn't spend the time in between not knowing what's up?
Should I "schedule" a serious conversation with him?
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