To every Korean fans out there!

To every Korean fans out there. Tell me your first impressions about korean, what you guys like and don't like about them.

1. Are they good looking/hot? Ugly? The guys look feminine?

2. Would you date a Korean and who might that be?

3. Would you learn Korean language?

4. What's your favorite group? Big bang? Girls generation? Never heard of any?

5. Korean fashion, anyone?

6. Korean hairstyles. Turn on?

7. And is there any question you'd like to ask a Korean guy/girl if you were to spend a day with him/her?


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  • I first really discovered South Koreans by a big news story and I was looking for information on that news story. After seeing some of that news story, I saw a video on youku that looked like it was a song/dance group - they looked pretty good so I clicked on that video. It was BigBang. I was amazed at how cool and handsome they were. Yep - that led me on to discover other KPop artists, female and male. Wow - what a handsome race of people, I have to admit. I never understood why 'groupies' acted the way they did or people screamed and cried at music concerts - I thought they were a bit weak, but I think that maybe they were just excited. Some of the male Kpop artists, especially MBlaq, made me act a little like a groupy - like, I got amazed and excited just by watching some of their music videos. I don't think I'd ever seen anyone that handsome performing so well. They were one of the best groups I'd ever seen perform - I'm white Australian, by the way. In the past, I did listen to a few Korean songs but only because of the sound - I didn't venture into the 'Kpop' world - wasn't aware of it. I think quite a lot of South Korean guys are HOT looking - alluring hairstyles (damn it!). Wouldn't mind dating one. Point to note, I am in my 40's so it'd be good if there were some cute South Korean men around that age. Possibly all married though!


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  • 1. I am pretty picky but from the koreans I know I think they are pretty good looking
    2. I would date a korean may not marry though.
    3. It would be pretty difficult if I had the chance than definitely!
    4. Definitely the boy group Exo they all seem super cute and talented from what I've seen.
    5. Not a fan :/
    6. I think the guys venture to have different looks and sometimes it really does them good and I think it's cool seeing both genders changing there hair every so often! Girls sometimes have that bowlish cut which they pull off very well but for whites (or me as an american) would not look so good,
    7. I'd probably ask all about the culture and differences!

  • Lol I am East Asian (Chinese-Korean) and I think some Asian boys are very attractive. It depends on the girl and her preferences. Not all girls will agree that Asian boys are too feminine or unattractive vice versa.

    I think all boys regardless of race has their own unique look. I think some can look just as hot.

    If a girl likes you for who you are and not just based on appearance, but for personality. That's what matters the most. If I date when I am out of high school I will choose a guy who isn't shallow and is decent with great personality, sense of humor, charming, intelligent.

    You know, I mean beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and not all boys out there think I am the prettiest or sexiest girl. I am still confident in myself.

  • 1. they are the prettiest race among other Asian races.(because 76% of them had plastic surgery)

    2. too many to mention.

    3. why not!

    4. girls generation and suju

    5.same fashion with the japanese.

    6. depends

    7. duh!we spent the whole day together!

  • 1. It really varies, some look famine others manly, pretty much just like in any other country.

    2.And yes I would date a korean, of course it depends on the personality and less looks

    3. I'm learning korean now by the way :)

    4. lol if I had to list every single group I liked it would take forever. (except I don't really like SNSD, I'm not in to the "aegyo" stuff they do)

    5-6. yeah sure I like it

    7. lol most of my friends are korean

    btw I'm russian

  • 1. I believe Koreans to be Highly attractive.

    2. Yes I would date a Korean and there no specific one.

    3. Yes in fact I already am.

    4. Big Bang, Girls Generation, VIXX, Super Junior,4Minute, Miss A, U-kiss, 2PM, 2AM, Se7en, TVXQ, SS501, JYJ, and more

    5. Love it

    6. Yes and know depends on the hairstyle on the person

    7. Hmmm... Not really.

  • They are cute

  • Korean girls are so pretty, and the guys are hot

    depends on his personality don't know very much koreans

    would probably be hard for me to learn

    ? dunno

    mm yea its cute

    i don't like it long, but its cute



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  • I'd answer this in the guise of my sister because she's been a big-arse South Korea fan for at least four years now. Pretty sure her favourite groups are ShinE, Super Junior and Girls Generation.