17 days no call or text?

he told me to call him some other time I guess that just stupid I'm over thinking it..but he told me bad news on the phone and I wasn't very helpful with it or said much. Just said I had to go...starving for the truth. he's always on my mind and I refuse to call I'm scared of rejection by now.


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  • just do it. he's not going to call you that's for sure

    • Are you serious? For sure? How you know? Man my heart and head hurts. I know you don't care but I'm hanging by the moment and just waiting.

    • you blew him off. it's your turn to apologize

    • it was completely his fault and his problem what was I suppose to do! I still want him. He should be talking to me by now? I didn't blow him off. ugh

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  • If it was me I would feel like you didn't really care about the bad news or me. He might feel that way. If you're not willing to call, then what can anyone really say to make it better?

    • Obviously he doesn't care about me or he would've called me by now. not 17 days. :(

  • lol 17 days. He's not gonna call.

    • wow thanks..?

    • Well if you're gonna refuse to you might as well move on. 17 days is a long time.

    • tell me about it..im screaming!

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  • You should call him. Don't wait another day.

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