Are my expectations unrealistic?

I guess that in a way I know they are but I won't back down. Being quiet is how I've been my entire life and I don't often go after women because I'm not social (and will not be by choice) l. Spend most of my time outside my job just reading, lifting, volunteering or exercising.

My friends say I have to be more outgoing or Ill end up alone, but since none of them have a job or a girlfriend I don't take their advice that seriously. In general I think that love will happen when its meant to and that the right woman will make herself known to me at the right time if I deserve it.


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  • Nope. You gotta grab life by the horns. Beautiful women don't just fall out of the sky, you have to make it happen. I had this mentality for way too long and I never dated one girl. Once I realized that I had to make the effort, I started to get more attention. You say that you go to the gym, so you know that hard work gets results. It works like that in the dating world too. Yeah you'll get shot down and get your heart broken a few times, but it all pays off in the long run. You are guaranteed to lose if you never try.

  • I believe it will happen but if you don't want to wait than you need to be more outgoing.

    • Probably, but I don't ever meet new people because I do my best to avoid large crowds. I don't want to change that so I know I wont