How to tell if a girl likes you when you always joke around?

when we hang out in a certain group we joke around a lot. When the two of us are alone we are much calmer but usually some one tags along and we odnt end up alone. she seems to like me because of how she acts and even in this group of people joking aorund she seems to focus on me and tends to blame me for random things. likes touching meand we kind of catch her awkwardly staring at me often. The thing is I am not sure how to differentiate between her just acting like this because of the group we are in or because she likes me.


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  • Sounds like she likes you. Unless a lot of women in the group are into the whole casual touching thing.

    But my bias is this. I only hang in groups with guys. (I start too many arguments with other women.) And I'm not "touchie feelie".

    • the other girl is touchy feely but this girl is not, she tells the other guys in the group they can't touch her but never says it to me, they have touched her but she seems to back away from them. that seems to happen with other things too she has a rule/ reaction to something but her reaction/ rule for me is always different. she also starts these touch fights with me where she kicks or hits me and we keep it going

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  • just tell her, it makes it easier if you get your feelings out there, and make more eye contact for longer and smile, that def shows her how you feel.

    • I do make eye contact longer and smile but not sure if she gets that I am hitting on her, some times she just smiles back and say what or does the same thing. I don't like coming out and just saying it like you said but I may have to as you said she is in uni now but she had vary few guy friends so it causes some ocnfusion

    • Well, when you smile at her, you just need to playfully hit her, and say you know what, do this in a very flirty way like in a sly way and if you push her or hit her or poke her, then this will definitely show that you are interested cause you broke the touch barrier. See how she reacts if she smiles then she knows your hitting on her and she still looks confused then you should just say: well I kinda like you, and also smile after you say this in that same sly way

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