What are the signs a girl likes you?

she's 24, I'm 34. We've known each other for about 4 years She's quite introverted and has anxiety.

Lately, I think she's been trying to get my attention. She's kinda dating another f*ckboy at the moment. But she''s been persistently messaging me even when I don't reply, like I'll wake up to find a few WhatsApp messages, a comment on my Instagram story, a Snapchat from her.

She seems to be imitating me a lot, like she'll post on social media when I do, she'll post similar things, she'll change her profile pic when I do. She's recently out of the blue said that she's started going back to university which is what I'm doing at the moment. She seems to be online when ever I am as soon as I message after a while she instantly replies. She has given me her number so we text a lot.

She's added my close female friends on social media. She'll get jealous whenever I'm with one of them cause one of them's single. Or she'll get jealous if I'm mentioning other girls that are potential dates; she'll find out who they are etc.

She'll spam me with things she likes - like youtubers she watches, or memes she finds funny. We have flirted on the odd occasion, she'll say my photos are cute etc. She'll ask me my opinions on selfies of her to upload on social media. She's sent me snaps of her nipple showing ( she was wearing a see through top).

She vents to me about guys she's dating but when we meet up in person the day after she's saying 'I'm not wanting to date this guy anymore'.
What are the signs a girl likes you?
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