Should I text him after our first hookup?

Hey guys so I stayed over at this guy’s house for the night and we smoked weed, watched tv and did a few other things (but we didn’t have sex 😂). He was really sweet and cuddled me for the whole night and wouldn’t let me go. Before we met up he would always text me first and I never texted him first before. It has been 2 days since I have last saw him and he hasn’t texted me. I’m not expecting anything out of this, I just want something causal but I’m just wondering should I text him? If a guy is interested he would text me wouldn’t he? I don’t think there is the possibility that he could be feeling the same way and think that I’m not interested right? So yeah I just need advice. And remember I don’t have high expectations, I just want to have fun with him again 😂
Should I text him after our first hookup?
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