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A Virgo guy and a Sagittarius woman?

So I have met the virgo guy once and we talk through out the day and he text me every day good morning and good night. So we have this strong connection. He tells me sweet dreams of him. What is he meaning by that? And in a dream of him he could only be dreams of maybe we can get involved in a serious relationship or maybe we would kiss for first time etc. Says not into playing games and want a long time relationship and marriage. What do you feel this guy is thinking? Is he holding back his feelings?
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He and I are going out for his birthday this will be the second date. He seems one once he likes you that’s it. He has two jobs one is part time and the second is full time and then every other weekend with his kids 13 and 16. So do you think we would have a true life together?
A Virgo guy and a Sagittarius woman?
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