I want my ex girlfriend back - she has a new boyfriend now?

when I went to uni she broke up with me the day I went... but I would still go home and hang out with her etc, then recently out of the blue she has a new boyfriend. within 3 days of them going out she tells me she still loves me and does not know what to do. same with the day after, then she said she does not want to be with me... I love her so much, and I know if I was not so much of a twat about stuff she would be with me now. but I was jealous and get angry easily. I have done anger management and have changed. how do I show this to her if she has been going out with him for a week or two now and does not really respond to me? I love her so much its unreal please some advice - not just like move on or don't speak to her for a while because that won't work.

well she left me because she could not stand beng far away from me, so I left beause she is all I care about, but cannot get across my point.
she is really clever and 2 years below me and needed to finish her a levels then was going to the same uni. I personally think she wants to go out with me but does not know how to end it with a guy who has done nothing wrong and only been together a week


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  • How you feel for her is irrelevant. Her interest in you is all that matters.

    If she is so in love with you, why did she break up with you and start dating another guy?

    Never listen to a woman when trying to deduce her interest in you. Always, always always look at her actions.

    The actions of this woman definitely point toward her having little to no interest in you. She says otherwise, but again, her actions are what matters.

    Learn from this relationship and don't do the same things that killed the ex's interest in you with the next lady.

    You may get her back. It won't last. She'll get bored/annoyed...because she'll have no respect for you for being a spineless doormat. Then it's heartbreak city all over again. Why get your ass beat then come back for more?

    Don't get down on yourself. It sucks, but the best thing to do is date other women. It's not what you want to read, but you have to. Learn what turns them on/off. The more you date, the more you learn.

    • In response to your update...again, her actions speak louder than her words.

      If a woman is madly in love with you, she will move mountains to be with you.

      She couldn't stand being away from you so much, yet she didn't go to where you are? See what I'm trying to point out here?

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  • Make her a great gesture and tell her you changed and that you want her back... but don't stalk her, after that it's up to her what to decide.


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  • There's no secret formula to patching things up, but you will definitely need to talk to her in order to get some closure. I recommend that you tell her that you want to talk to her to just gain some closure. Tell her that you just want to see her happy and no matter what happens you will always love her, and you'll always be there for her. End the conversation with you letting her know that the other guy will never be able to love her as much you do or he can never make her as happy as you can because of After you finish talking, you have to walk away. Good luck!