He doesn't call on trips...

He calls before he leaves and call as he's coming home or the night he gets home, but when he's gone on work trips (4-7 days) he makes no effort to contact me. Should I be worried? I don't worry he's with someone else, but I worry that I'm just that convenient girl waiting around when he gets home...

I don't expect him to CONSTANTLY check in or give me tabs. But a quick text or call would be nice to know he's thinking of me.


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  • I wouldn't be able to deal with that - but I have friends who are in relationships with guys like that. You need to bring it up and find a compromise. If he won't check in with you few times then he needs to make you understand his reasons. It's not just a guy thing though, I have lots of girlfriends who actually don't bother to call home either - it's a matter of personality

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