Would you date a person missing both of his or her legs and an arm?

I used to have this friend from like elementary through like my junior year of high school (I'm in my first year of college). She moved away but I just saw her the other day.

She moved back but in that space of time, she had both of her legs and her left hand amputated. I didn't ask why, since I was in a hurry, but she's still pretty cute so I'm thinking of asking her out

I don't have a problem with it (I really wouldn't know what to expect on a date though), but would you?


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  • at first it would be hard to plus looking after them long term is a factor but if you find her cute then why not

    • eh, I don't know about looking after. She was walking on prosthetic legs (she said she just got them and really doesn't like them though)

      She wasn't wearing a hand though...

      It is different though. She used to have a really good body but her legs are just like metal... sticks now

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    • what do you mean by long term?

    • weelll say you get together and is great fo 50 years, one day she will not have the strength to walk etc. are you willing to be there for her? in the mean time sure why not date if you are attracted to her. sure some people may look because it is unusual. but you will both leanr about yourselves form the experience, successful or not

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  • if you are genuinely into this girl then nothing else should matter :) give it a chance or you will never know how things would've turned out.

  • That's amazing that you would be willing to date her, personally I don't think I could deal with it, but I'm a weak person. you are absolutely amazing...wow


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  • I would expect that if you ask her out she is going to start liking you very fast because she would feel like she had limited options so she might rush into things.