Should I just stick to the plan?


I said [to significant other] that I have plans to go to a friends house and just hang out. But as time rolls around the corner, she tells me to stay a little longer. Is it better to stay or will that make me look like a pushover and make her think that it's always going to be like that in the future. Or stick to the plan and just nicely tell her that I have plans.


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  • I'm the girlfriend who always tries to get the guy to stay, just because I like his company, but it's better if you DON'T cancel previous plans for a girl - especially if you let it be known that you have these plans. Just be polite about having to leave, and then go. If you really can't get out, have the friend call you.

    Of course, this advice goes right out the window in special cases. If your significant other needs your support, I'd say stay.


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  • Yes you should just stick to the plan


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  • nice tell her you have plans would be good